This guide explains how to setup your Stripe Account so you can start accepting Online Entries for your Organization.

Stripe is an online payment gateway, which is the way that eCommerce and online payments allow you to accept card payments. Stripe provide us with a secure credit card payment form which allows your participants to pay for their entries.

Stripe is responsible for all card handling and all payments into your accounts. Stripe automatically takes the Techsportise fee per entry before the money reaches your account, so you have no additional payments to make. For more details on how this works, check this page.

This guide explains how to connect your Techsportise account to a Stripe account, which you can create as part of this flow. For further details on Stripe and getting money from your Stripe account into your bank account, please explore the Stripe website directly and get in touch with them. Only Organization Owners can configure your stripe account.

Make Connection

To start the connection to Stripe, click the User icon in the side bar and click Account

From here you can click the Your Organization button

Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Connect with Stripe

Stripe Account

You will be redirected to the Stripe page. If you don;t already have an account, you will be encouraged to sign up. Simply fill in the form and create yourself an account.

If you already have an account, click the Sign in button in the top right corner

Login with your details

And you should be redirected back to your Account page and informing you that the account is setup.

Potential Issues

  • If you were asked to set up 2 factor authentication, or had to enter an extra security code when logging in, then you may end up inside your Stripe Dashboard. In this scenario, return to your Techsportise account page, click the Connect with Stripe button again and it should immediately connect.

Disconnecting Stripe

If you want to disconnect Stripe (for example to link it to a different account) simply click the Disconnect button from within your Account page.

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