The platform has the capability to generate Bibs for your participants that they can then print at home, complete with ICE detail requirements on the reverse.

To do this, you must check the box present in Email Final Instructions.

Once generated, it will automatically insist that you include a print-at-home bib for any subsequent participants that you need to email.

Once you have generated Bibs, you can no longer edit the participants Bib Number.

Email Content

Not only will this send an email with the final instructions you have uploaded, but that email will contain a unique link which your participant clicks to access their bib.


When you click the link, you will have to authorize that you have permission to open the bib. To do this it asks for your registered email address and date of birth.

Once authorized, the participant gets the opportunity to press a print button along with some best practices for printing.


The browser will auto-download a PDF which can then be printed by the user. Additionally, we keep track of the number of times a bib has been printed, to help identify if any bib copying is occurring.

The bib contains the Name, Number your Race Logo and has a background colour related to your race option colour to simplify it with the Timing system.

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