The Payment Details page shows you a printable list of all the Online Entry payments made by participants in your race. Club treasurers can use it to reconcile banking against Race Entries. This is button is only available for Premium Races.

It is accessed from the View/Edit Race page for the race you want to see the report for.

Report Details

The report consists of the following information. Many of the columns are self explanatory.

You can search the report, change the number of records you want to view and also scroll through different pages.

You can also Copy, Save to Excel or PDF or Print your report.

  • Payment Date is the date the entrant made the payment/submitted their Online Entry
  • Stripe Ref is the stripe payment reference. You can use this in your Stripe account to refund the payment if needed
  • OrderNo is the Techsportise Order No. This gets emailed to the user as their receipt so you use this to cross reference the Order No to the Stripe Reference to find the one you want to refund
  • Name is the Name of the Race Entrant
  • Race Option is the name of the Race Option the entry was for within this Race
  • Entry Fee is the amount they actually paid, minus any Affiliation Discount
  • Affiliated shows as Checked if they made an Affiliated entry and therefore the Entry Fee will be lower
  • Processing Fee is the Techsportise processing fee
  • Net Income is the Entry Fee minus Processing Fee, the amount that should reach your Stripe account. Note: There will be ZERO additional charges from Stripe and this is the value which will end up in your bank.

Note: This report does not account for refunded race entries made through your Stripe account and will still show on this report. You should delete the Race Entry as well as making the refund in Stripe.

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