The Techsportise Platform supports organizations that have multiple users all sharing the same race, entry and participant data. This allows organizations to delegate out tasks and responsibilities safely to others without sharing login details. In future this will allow us to add more functionality that is owner-specific and better suited to larger organizations.


When you sign up to the Platform, you get the option to enter your Organization name. This is perfect if you and your organization are new to the platform, of if you are an independent person or club representative.

However, if you click the Enter Org Code button, you will get the opportunity to enter an existing Organization Code which will need to be shared to you by an existing Organization member. This is the technique to use if you want to invite a new person into your organization - point them to the Registration page and give them your Organization Code.

Registering with an Org Code will send an email to all organization owners letting them know that there is someone asking for authorization. You will need to wait for the Organization to approve your request to join as well as activating your account in the usual way. You'll receive an email when you have been approved.


Access your Organization Settings through your Avatar in the top left corner, followed by Account. Then click the "Your Organization" button.

Most of the functionality here can only be performed by an Organization Owner.

Organization Name

Here you can edit your Organization Name and view your Organization Code (Organization Owners Only)

Download Participant Data

This function will download the details for all of your race entrants and recurring event participants for anything linked to your organization. This can then be imported into whatever software you like.

Note: This download contains personal information and your responsibility to manage it is subject to GDPR.

Join Requests

This is where you will see a list of people who have requested to join your organization. You can approve or reject them by clicking the relevant button.

If you reject them, they simply get their own organization automatically created so that they can continue to use the platform.

This only appears for Organization Owners.

Organization Members

This screen lists your organization members. Owners are allowed to grant/revoke owner privileges to other users or remove them from the organization completely.

Much like rejecting a join request, removing them from your organization will simply create them their own organization to be a part of.

Stripe Account

This is where you configure the Stripe Account to be used for your Premium Races for the organization. You can disconnect and reconnect here too (Owners only). More details can be found here.

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