If you are using a 3rd party system, or simply want to create race entries in bulk, then the Import function will allow you to do this. You can access it from the top of any list of Race Entries and clicking the relevant button.

You can import as many files as you like to a single race/race option.

File Selection

The only file type you can upload is our predefined Excel template. It provides a link for you to download a copy of the template for you to populate, alternatively you can click here.

You should not edit the first row, or any columns beyond the last column in the template. It will ignore that data. 

Additionally you should enter values into the cells - no formulas please.

The file contains some lookup lists and built in data validations. Please do not modify or override these as the import will fail.

If you want the system to generate your Bib Numbers, leaving the field blank will tell the system to issue the lowest logical bib number available for the race.

Choose the Select button and browse to your saved import file and press Upload and Validate to start the process.

File Validation

When you upload the file it will perform some validations on the data to ensure it is formatted and structured correctly. You will not be able to import a file that is not fully validated - it does not import "good" records when there are bad ones present.

It validates the following areas of the file itself

  • File Size - Must be less than 512kb (This still still less than 10000 records)
  • File Type - It must be an Excel file using OpenOffice standards (.xlsx)

And within the data itself, it checks for the following

  • First Name - Must be present, cannot be blank
  • Last Name - Must be present, cannot be blank
  • Date of Birth - Must be present, cannot be blank, must be a valid date (31st Feb is an invalid date), must be an Excel supported Date format
  • Gender - Must be present, be "Male" or "Female" (Case sensitive)
  • Bib Number - Must not be used by an existing race entry for your race
  • Estimated Finish Time - If present, must be an Excel formatted Time string
  • Tee Shirt Size - If present, must be from the selection list (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)

The system will show you the validation issues you have to correct which you can print/export or just address one by one.

Keep editing and submitting your file until it passes all validations and takes you to the Preview.

Import Preview

When your data has passed all the validations, it will show a preview of the data it is about to import. Provided you are happy, click the Complete Import button to complete the process.

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