Prior to the race it is common for you to need to send out the Final Instructions a participant might need on race day. This would include all the information about the race, how to get there, start instructions, rules etc. You can upload a PDF file to be emailed using the View/Edit Races screen. Your email should cover all Race Options for your Race as it is not possible to send out to individual race option participants.

You access it from the Race Actions menu in the Top Bar for the race you want to email about.

This is a Premium Feature.


  • Subject is the title of your email
  • Content is the content of the mail you wish to send
  • Print at Home Bib Numbers - Checking this box will generate Print-at-home Bibs. See here for more details on this feature

This tool must not be used to send Marketing emails. Sending a marketing email through this feature would be a contravention of GDPR and is your responsibility.

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