When editing and staging your results, you are effectively editing the data that has been uploaded from the race by the Apps. The changes you make are permanenet - once you make an edit, the only way to "undo" such a change is to make another change to put it back the way it was.

What the Backup function allows you to do is to take a copy of the data at any stage during the processing process which you can then restore back to.

You access the Backup Management function from the action menu in the Top Bar.

Backup Data

All you need to do to make a backup is to give it a name that makes sense to you. Be as descriptive as you need to be. it will also log the date/time you made the backup for your reference. Simply type in a name and press Backup Data to back the data up. You will be returned to the Staging page and it will notify you that the backup has been successful.

Restore Backup

The section at the bottom lists all your backups. To restore one, simply click the Restore button.

You will be warned that this is permanent and that if you want to retain the current staged results somewhere, advises you to take a backup. Click OK to continue.

You'll be returned to the staged results with the backup data restored.


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