Your Account is where you configure your personal settings and details when using the platform.

Access it from the top left menu and clicking Account.


The profile page is where you update your personal information, contact and address details. This includes where you enter your club and club affiliation number.

Change Password

This is where you update your password to access the portal and the app.

In Case Of Emergency

Here you fill in your Emergency Details. These are pre-populated in generated bibs from the platform and also on your athlete barcode.

Athlete Barcode

Here is where you can see and print your Athlete Barcode. Athlete barcodes are needed to have a time registered when participating in Recurring Events. Click the Printable barcodes button to get 6 barcodes prinnted on a page - so you have some spares.

Your History

This page shows the athlete a list of all results recorded on the Platform from either races or recurring events.

Your Organization

If you are a registered Race Director, this is where you configure your organizational settings, like organizational members, configuration of your stripe account and have the ability to download your participant data.

For more information see the main Organizations page.

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